My experience.

Hi.. This post is not about technology. This is not also about school either. This is about an experience, a personal experience, which I had today. So, the story began with me taking a walk, at 5P.M. , it was a really nice walk, the breeze in the air had scent of beautiful spring flowers, and in a playground I saw kids playing. There was a new kid in the place, his name was “hamid”, a really cute small kid. He came to the playground, and every kid was like:- “Hey! What’s your name”. The kid said, “My name is Hamid”. Then one of the kid asked, “Where are you from?”,he said “I am from Pakistan.”, there was a eloquent pause there. The other kid was staring the new kid and was kind of scared with him, I was SHOCKED. He was like, “Guys, I cannot play with him, my parents won’t allow me”. The kid began crying. I went there, scold the other kid and forced them to play together. The time they started playing, there was no difference. Still, I felt bad for that kid. My grandfather used to say “There are two and ONLY two types of people on this Earth, Good and Bad”. And I say that there is no bad person in this world, only the situation make them bad. But this world makes differences between peoples. I still remember coming to USA, they checked my passport and based on my name, they checked me, thoroughly unlike other people. I want to ask everyone reading this post, why should my name, anyone’s name defines my character. I am that good person which my grandfather used to say. And no kid is bad. I do not want to target my post to all racist peoples, I  want to target my post to everyone. Guys if you see any of this happening, please stop this. Thanks.


Transforming my fear into my strength

Yes, I have Stage fear or maybe I should say I had stage fear. Have you guys ever imagined how would it feel to move 16000 miles away from your house and speaking in front of more than a 1000 unknown audience and with a different accent. Guess what, I am living your imagination. And the only person behind is Ms. Scheffer. She is the most intellectual person I’ve ever met in my life. She helped me to grow a lot and gave me great opportunities, one of one was last week, speaking in a Tedx Event!

It was a big step for me and a huge learning experience. So, she asked me to write a blog-post about it answering 5 questions, and as a responsible student, I did it. Question 1. What did you do to prepare your talk? Answer- I did not write down my talk, because that is what I do every time. Every-time I go on the stage, I just say whatever my idea is. After all it’s my idea and I do not need to memorize it. I just need to get comfortable with the stage and that’s it. Question 2. What was the biggest thing which motivated you to do this? Answer- To be very honest, I like meeting new people and after knowing that people like Joe Mazza are also coming to this talk, I was like, I have to do it. Question 3 – How did you came up with such weird idea “How to save a life with a shock” ? Answer- It’s a really funny story and no one actually knows it. One day I was sitting with my dad watching a cricket match. He asked me to turn on the fan. But as soon I turned it on. I got a SHOCK and I was shocked. I became curios then, many questions arrived to my mind, Where did that charge came from? hmm. I researched about it, while researching I accidentally pressed the “image” button on Google and saw so many bad pictures. That motivated a lot and I thought, oh Why can’t we just save that electricity? So, from there I got my idea. Question 4 – What was your favorite talk? Answer- My favorite talk has to be Timmy Sullivan’s “It’s my Education”, I loved the way he talked about his feelings and I agreed on his each and every thought! Last Question – Are we seeing you again next year? Answer- Obviously yes! And I will try my best to bring an idea which you guys have never heard of before. Till then, Take care!

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Coming out as a leader

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun:-Christopher McCandless. Being new to place changes everything in your life. You have to make new friends, new reputation and new personality. In other words, you have a rebirth. There are also many advantages and disadvantages of being new to a place. I feel so happy when I say that I had many advantages, and I was given the opportunity to portray my advantages at the NE Summit 1:1 held at Burlington High School.

It was a great place. I saw many people with many electronic devices showing off their great works representing their respective school. I was so glad but nervous, when I was told that I was the only one who will be representing our school.

So, I went there, with my iPad and my dear laptop. I then used team-viewer as a tool to set up a remote network so that people can also see my work on my laptop. It was a wonderful experience, I got to meet many new people, they saw my work, and praised me for it. I told them about my past projects such building up a programming club in our school, my present projects such as helping Mr. Morino with the 3d printed arm arm my future projects such as making a anti-cyber bullying club at our school. They were so happy after listening to my works. But the only thing that impacted me the most was the “respect” for me in their eyes.

Coming out as a leader was less of a responsibility and more of a fun time for me. There was also an end presentation where the visitors were allowed to ask any questions they want. For the first time in my life, I got to speak in-front of so many people about myself which was a wonderful experience.


Recognizing National Women’s Day

March 8th, 2015  was International  Women’s Day. Women are an inherent part of our society and have made significant contributions to many different industries, but some people don’t understand this fact. I encountered one of those people on Facebook on this past Sunday night. So, this is what happened. I wished a random person on Facebook “Happy Women’s day”, and he began to abuse women and said there is no reason why we should respect them. I was offended by his words, so  I decided to prove to him that women are great, but I did this in my own way. In the end, I created this video which highlights 26 important women who have shaped our society. Feel free to share my video, Women A-Z, with others.


Science, technology,engineering and mathematics is often abbreviated as STEM. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. My school is hosting a Parent Tech Night (aka STEM event) on March 2 2015. Being a part of BHS help desk, it is my responsibility to promote it and do something for it. So, I made a video, describing what is STEM and why is necessary? .. I hope you will enjoy it.


As soon as I submitted my “Intro video” for the Help Desk, my Help Desk teacher Mrs. Scheffer asked me how did I made it. She was amazed after seeing that how easily I made an animated movie and that too for free. So she asked me too make a video describing how did I made it. In the end, I came out with, a tutorial on how to make animated movie for free. Hope you enjoy it!

My Intro Video.

I was asked to make a video introducing myself. I saw everyone’s video and the video by Timmy Sullivan amazed me. It was funny and unlike others, he used an animation tool to make it. I decided to make one like he did. I know it cannot be as good as his video, but I tried my best.