Siddhartha Srivastava (Sid)

Bio: My name is Siddhartha Srivastava, friends call me Sid. I am a junior at Burlington High School. I shifted to USA on August, 2014 from India and this is my first year in Help Desk. At a very early age I became curious and I began to help people.When I was 12, I tutored several students in maths and science for free . I consider myself as a versatile student, and I try to excel in all three aspects of a student’s life; academics, sports and extracurricular activities. I love math, science and computers. I have many achievements while I was in India. I was a national level Science Olympiad finalist, a state level Mathematics Olympiad champion, and 3 times inter school G.K. Quiz champion. Talking about sports I have considerable amounts of achievements in Cricket, Soccer and Kabbadi. But unfortunately I haven’t been recognized in the tech field by anyone yet, that’s the reason I joined BHS help desk. My willingness to learn things and knowledge in the tech world makes BHS help desk, a perfect place for me. From BASIC to JAVA, from HTML to SWIFT, I try to learn any computer language which seems interesting to me. Also troubleshooting any problem in any electronic device is not only just my habit, it’s my passion. I am very excited to assist people with their technical difficulties. So if you ever need tech help come down during 4th period and I’ll be there to help.

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